uCrawler is an AI-based automatic news scraping service
Get news articles easily from any news sources
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In any language. Without coding.
Why uCrawler?
We offer a unique technology for searching, scraping and clustering news articles.
Any news sources
We can collect news from any news sources from all over the world. You can add sources that you need without any limits.
Simple integration
User friendly dashboard: control crawler start, check statuses, manage sources and retrieve output using the uCrawler API or direct export to you SQL database.
Keyword-based filters for news
Filter the newsfeed, based on any set of sources, by using keywords.
How it works?
uCrawler is completely automated – you only need to choose news sources.
Choose your sources
You add news sources manually or using uCrawler sources search wizard. Or just send us a list and we will add them on short notice.
Data is scraped and clustered
uCrawler gathers data from any websites (inc. those without RSS), in any language. Thanks to machine learning algorithms and neural networks, the news articles are grouped by topic, and duplicates eliminated.
Newsfeed is integrated
The resulting newsfeed can be integrated into a website or a mobile app using API or auto-exported from uCrawler to your ElasticSearch, MySQL or Postgres.
Try uCrawler today!
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A ready solution for news aggregation with no extra development costs.
We guarantee that the service will be highly responsive and stable.
Unlimited options for scaling by adding topics, languages, and sources.
The ability to create your own unique newsfeed in any language.
All pricing plans include:
Powerful server
In any language (one per server)
Auto-export data from uCrawler to your ElasticSearch/MySQL/Postgres
Unlimited API requests
99.95% uptime SLA
Email and Skype support
No uCrawler attribution required
7-day free trial
Number of sources
You can add any news sources manually based on your list or import from uCrawler library
Keyword-based filters for news
We will add and configure ElasticSearch to your uCrawler server to enable keyword filters.
uCrawler.CMS platform
Ready to use news aggregator website without any code:- 99.95% uptime SLA.- The price includes installation and configuration. - Free updates. - The ability to connect your domain and SSL.We can develop a unique website template for CMS. The cost is negotiated separately (depending on the complexity of the template). One-time payment (with advance payment).For self-maintenance and development you can setup CMS on your hosting ($200 at once).The cost includes one-time installation, configuration and free updates.
Price per month:0$
uCrawler advanced tutorial
Review the ways for using uCrawler Dashboard, adding news sources and view collected data.
If you have any questions or offers, contact us at public@ucrawler.app
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