⚡uCrawler is a powerful news scraping tool: fully automated, AI grouping and keyword filtering.

With uCrawler you can easily create your custom news aggregator like Google news tailored for your needs. The tool is a perfect fit for website and app owners, content managers, analytics and press service.

⛱ No code. ✈️ Fast. ⛑ Reliable.
High quality of extracted data
Full structured article data: Title, Body (plain and HTML), publication date, Images and videos.
Topic-based AI clustering
uCrawler AI algorithms analyze articles text and identify topics to create content-driven groupings of articles.
Keyword filtering
Find the news that matter to you with keyword filtering.
Historical archive
Supercharge your analytics with archived news data. (> 10 million articles).
Any Language
Scrape data from news websites on any language.

Easy integration
Export data via API, XML, RSS, webhook, or directly to your Database (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle) or ElasticSearch.
How it works
All plans include:
  • unlimited API calls
  • Keyword filtering
  • Historical archive for 30 days (can be increased)
  • Custom RSS builder based on any sources
  • Export via API, RSS, XML or in your Database
  • Technical Support
Source is a webpage or RSS URL. uCrawler will automatically collect all new articles from that URLs.

You can also add grouping similar news into threads powered by AI algorithms for $30/mo on PRO10, PRO20, PRO50, PRO80 plans.
$10 /mo
  • 10 sources
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$20 /mo
  • 20 sources
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$50 /mo
  • 50 sources
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$80 /mo
  • 80 sources
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$100 /mo
  • 100 sources
  • Grouping similar news into threads by AI algorithms - FREE
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$150 /mo
  • 150 sources
  • Grouping similar news into threads by AI algorithms - FREE
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$300 /mo
  • 300 sources
  • Grouping similar news into threads by AI algorithms - FREE
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on request
  • Custom plans, features or self-hosted solution
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Case studies
uCrawler works great for websites and mobile apps owners, content managers, analytic agencies, PR professionals, investors, researchers, marketers, sales people, lawyers, and business owners.
Collect specific news from particular sources for your website or mobile application
Popular football news website https://soccer365.me or Tech news website https://www.thetechstreetnow.com/ both collecting articles with uCrawler
News articles that mention specific keywords for financial analytics

Putinomics is a platform for investment analytics. uCrawler collects major financial and political news to help users see their impact on market conditions, find insider information and generate financial analytics for the specific companies or market sectors
Ready to use news aggregator website without any coding with uCrawler.CMS
Get your own news aggregator website using uCrawler CMS without programming in a couple of days. You can use our basic templates or request a custom design. It's already integrated with uCrawler scraper. Examples: https://newzz.in, https://www.thetechstreetnow.com
Information monitoring and media analytic system for business owners and PR department
InfoPortal — a custom news analytics and monitoring system for the Kazakhstan government.
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Big data research
Sweden big-data news analytics company.
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