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AI-based news scraping, monitoring and analytics tool.
Multilingual. Keyword filtering.
Test it with your list of media sources!
uCrawler is the best choice for:
  • Mobile apps
    • Collect themed news inside your app
    • Create a news app based on uCrawler AI-system
  • Website owners
    • Add news to your website to increase traffic and page depth
    • Create a news website without coding
  • Analytics and investors
    • Collect news with tagged keywords or themes
    • Browse through historical news archive
  • PR and marketing
    • Get news alerts
    • Follow news with keywords that matter to your business
  • High quality of extracted data
    Full structured article data: Title, Body (plain and HTML), publication date, Images and videos.
  • Topic-based AI clustering
    uCrawler AI algorithms analyze articles text and identify topics to create content-driven groupings of articles.
  • Keyword filtering
    Find the news that matter to you with keyword filtering.
  • Historical archive
    Supercharge your analytics with archived news data. (> 10 million articles).
  • Any Language
    Scrape data from news websites in any language.

  • Easy integration
    Export data via API, XML, RSS, webhook, or directly to your Database (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle) or ElasticSearch.
30% discount for 12 months subscription
Unlimited API calls
News keyword filtering
RSS builder based on any sources
Export directly to your Database
AI Grouping similar news into threads (only from PRO100 plan)
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PRO 10
10 sources
PRO 20
20 sources
PRO 50
50 sources
PRO 100
100 sources
PRO 200
200 sources
PRO 300
300 sources
PRO 500
500 sources
PRO 1000
1000 sources
1000 sources
One time deal for 7 days
uCrawler works great for websites and mobile apps owners, content managers, analytic agencies, PR professionals, investors, researchers, marketers, sales people, lawyers, and business owners.
We helped the World Health Organization to collect news from fact-checking websites in order to monitor fake news about COVID-19 and vaccinations. The data is collected in different languages, auto-translated in English with Google Translate API, and also clustered into topics.
We help the University to conduct research in various fields using collected news data.
Justice for All - accredited NGO at the United Nations
uCrawler helps the human rights organization "Justice for All" to collect news about Rohingya Genocide https://www.burmataskforce.org/rohingya-news/
Swedish company Reform Society conducts big-data analytical research based on data collected by uCrawler.
EM is the leading financial, corporate, and digital
communications agency for emerging markets
Collecting news for financial, corporate, and digital
communications agency
Collecting news in multiple languages for the popular football news website. It is fully based on uCrawler https://soccer365.me
TechStreetNow - India's 1st tech news aggregator
Ready-to-use news aggregator website without coding with uCrawler.CMS
You can get your own news aggregator in a couple of days. Try our basic templates or request a custom design. It's already integrated with uCrawler scraper.
Mobile app based on uCrawler. PocketNews collects your favorite news sources into one app and pays you for reading.