uCrawler is an AI-based platform for building news aggregators
A turnkey themed newsfeed for your |
From any set of sources. In any language. Without coding.
Why do you need uCrawler?
We offer a unique technology for scraping and clustering news articles.
Put together a newsfeed for your website or mobile app, based on a themed set of sources (there's no limit on the number of sources).
Keyword-based filters for news
Filter the newsfeed, based on any set of sources, by using keywords.
Monitoring of news topics and analytics
We offer media analytics packages such as popularity index, top stories list, response on social networks, number of mentions, and more.
How it works?
uCrawler is completely automated – you only need to feed it a set of sources.
Choose your sources
You add news sources from an existing database of news outlets in your online profile. If you need sources that aren't on the list, we will add them on short notice.
Data is scraped and clustered
uCrawler gathers data from any websites (inc. those without RSS), in any language. Thanks to machine learning algorithms and neural networks, the news articles are grouped by topic, and duplicates eliminated.
Newsfeed is integrated
The resulting newsfeed can be integrated into a website or a mobile app using API, RSS, or XML.
uCrawler utilizes a unique technology.
A ready solution for news aggregation with no extra development costs.
We guarantee that the service will be highly responsive and stable.
Unlimited options for scaling by adding topics, languages, and sources.
The ability to create your own unique newsfeed in any language.
All pricing plans include our assistance in adding the news sources you require to the database.
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