Check most popular news categories with over 200 sources in the uCrawler free Demo account.
Collect news from any website on any language without coding.
uCrawler automatically scrapes any news websites and provides structured news articles data via API, XML, RSS.

Create custom newsfeeds filtered by keywords or unique RSS with multiple sources for your website, app or Wordpress blog.

How you can use uCrawler
News Aggregator Website or Mobile App
Use uCrawler API to automatically get the news feeds structured data to create top class news website or mobile app.
Use scraped news data to improve your marketing strategies. Make better predictions and decisions.
Financial Analysis
Improve your predictive analytics and risk modeling using latest and historical news API data. Create custom newsfeeds filtered by keywords to gain insight into companies and persons.
Market Research
Find effective market opportunities with competitor news, product information and online reviews. Get a deeper understanding of the markets where your business operates
Our features
Everything you need to automate your news scraping
Easy to Use
Scrape data with user friendly dashboard. No coding needed.
Deal With All Websites
Scrape dynamic, AJAX websites and no RSS web sites.
Any Language
Scrape data from news websites on any language
Cloud Services
Powerful servers, good support, and 99.95% uptime SLA
Easy Integration
Export data via API (JSON), XML, RSS, or directly to your Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle) or ElasticSearch
Archived Data
Supercharge your analytics with archived news data
How it works
Add webpage-source URL and get all news articles from it.

Use powerful search queries capabilities and let you slice and dice the data according to your needs.
Site specific filters
You can choose specific websites or groups. It is a great way of retrieving relevant posts.
Historical Data
uCrawler makes it easy to access historical data. You just need to choose start date.
Search in post's title
Although very restrictive, this method will bring back the most relevant results as the keywords you are searching for, will appear in the title of the article.
Setup RSS feeds based on you sources and keywords. The easiest way to add news on your website using news RSS widgets.
Unlimited RSS feeds based on any topic or kewords
If you have a website or a blog you can provide visitors with the latest news on political, financial or fashion trends, the latest NBA game scores, or whatever your website is about.
Add News widget on your website in a minute
You can use uCrawler RSS to create powerful widgets with or
Publish news on your Wordpress site
uCrawler RSS is the easiest way to add dynamic content on your Wordpress website. You can automatically publish posts from RSS with Feedzy, WP RSS Aggregator or WPeMatico RSS plugins.
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99.95% uptime SLA
No uCrawler attribution required
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  • 3 sources
  • 2 API calls per second
  • Keywords Filtering
  • RSS feeds - Trial mode
  • Limited email support
$20 /mo
$15/mo with annual payment
  • 20 sources
  • 2 API calls per second
  • Keywords Filtering
  • Unlimited RSS feeds
  • Export to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Webhook, ElasticSearch
  • Email & Skype support
$100 /mo
$80/mo with annual payment
  • 100 sources
  • 10 API calls per second
  • Keywords Filtering
  • Unlimited RSS feeds
  • Export to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Webhook, ElasticSearch
  • Email & Skype support
Business - from $150 /mo
from 100 sources
Unlimited API requests
Topic-based clustering of news articles
Export to your Database (SQL, ElasticSearch)
Priority Email and Skype support
Unlimited sources
Unlimited API calls
Priority support
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