Automatic news scraping cloud service
Collect news articles from any websites on any language without coding.
How you can use uCrawler
News Aggregator Website or Mobile App
Use uCrawler API to automatically get the news feeds structured data to create top class news website or mobile app.
Use scraped news data to improve your marketing strategies. Make better predictions and decisions.
Financial Analysis
Improve your predictive analytics and risk modeling using latest and historical news API data. Create custom newsfeeds filtered by keywords to gain insight into companies and persons.
Market Research
Find effective market opportunities with competitor news, product information and online reviews. Get a deeper understanding of the markets where your business operates
Our features
Everything you need to automate your news scraping
Easy to Use
Scrape data with user friendly dashboard. No coding needed.
Deal With All Websites
Scrape dynamic, AJAX websites and no RSS web sites.
Any Language
Scrape data from news websites on any language
Cloud Services
Powerful servers, good support, and 99.95% uptime SLA
Easy Integration
API or automatic export to your SQL Database or ElasticSearch
Archived Data
Supercharge your analytics with archived news data
How it works
Add source URL and get news data.
No coding needed at all!
Add groups with any sources
Define the query using smart filters
Get collected news with API or visual preview
Step #1
Add groups with any sources on any language
Step #2
Define the Query and get results!
Choose your plan
All pricing plans include:
Powerful server
99.95% uptime SLA
No uCrawler attribution required
  • 3 sources
  • 2 API calls per second
  • Limited email support
$19 /mo
  • 20 sources
  • 2 API calls per second
  • Email & Skype support
$99 /mo
  • 100 sources
  • 10 API calls per second
  • Email & Skype support
Custom plans
Don't quite see the plan you need? Let us craft a plan suited to your unique business needs.
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