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Our client: Atameken
The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken". NCE is designed to enhance the negotiation power of business with the Government and public authorities.
The main task of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" - is protection of the rights and interests of the business, ensuring wide coverage and involvement of all entrepreneurs in the process of formation of legislative and other regulatory rules for business.
NCE expands and strengthens links with the business community of foreign countries and supports Kazakhstani business in the framework of integration processes.
Business owner received news analytics in "the old fashioned way" :
  • big reports on paper
  • no search or historical data
  • spend a lot of time to check recent news on multiples websites every day
Business goal: Create single website for business owners: Atameken, KazEnergy, Gazprom, that should have daily news analytics and latest news with adaptive interfaces.
Latest news for monitoring
Roles and user permissions for business owners, PR, secretariat, content managers.
Ability to discuss news articles via private messages
Data Analytics
Historical data with flexible search
Solution: uCrawler + uCrawler CMS
Fresh news from selected sources are collected automatically with uCrawler.
Each user has its own role and permissions on the website.
Users can discuss news articles between each other or in group via private messages.
PR and secretariat may create analytics articles on the portal for business owners.
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