Automatic clean text extraction from news articles

Web Parser automatically extracts clean text from news articles and blog posts —
returning normalized HTML, related images/videos and more from any article on any site.
Our features
Forget about manual visual selectors, XPath or other manual tools. Send it any web page and let Web Parser do the rest.
We have developed unique algorithms, based on machine learning, which help us get high quality results. Check for yourself!
High performance
Cloud based solution with superior operational performance and dynamic scaling. Our high reliable infrastructure can processing millions of pages daily.
Developer friendly
Use our API and integrate your extracted data any where. Our developer friendly API makes it easy to get started.
Smart IP rotation
Specially designed for web scraping, Smart Proxy allows you to crawl quickly and reliably, managing thousands of proxies internally, so you don't have to.
Free plan for all
You can use the free plan as long as you like. Free users can use the same functionality but have lower limits on page requests and features.
For all non-commercial projects, open-source and in-development commercial projects.
  • 1,000 API Calls
  • No extra calls
  • 5 API calls per minute
  • Free Smart Proxy
  • Limited Email Support
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For enterprise projects that require exceptional resources and support.
  • 1,000,000 API Calls
  • + $1 per 1k extra API Calls
  • 20 API calls per second
  • + $100 /mo for Smart Proxy
  • Email, Skype, Phone Support
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What can you do with Web Parser?
App developers
App developers can use Web Parser tools to provide users with a lightning-fast browsing experience optimised for reading on mobile devices and web apps (e.g. like in Instapaper, or Pocket)
Content marketing
Use Web Parser to get blog posts, news articles, discussions, and more for content discovery, curation, and analysis.
Analytical systems
Web Parser provides better organise search, statistics, extraction of various information
Data scientists
Data scientists can use Web Parser tools to normalise input for text analysis, e.g. in Machine Learning.
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